VoxCheck is an independent project of VoxUkraine non-profit organization aimed at checking the statements of Ukrainian politicians. Since March 23, 2018 VoxCheck acceded to the Poynter Institute Code of Ethics.

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Popular questions
How VoxCheck works?
We base our work on the “click and check” methodology. Everything is transparent. Anyone can check our arguments and sources. Today the project database contains over 9,000 statements by politicians and over 1600 refuted fakes. Every month we add about 100 refutations to the database. The quality of checks is ensured by the editorial board of the project. For publication, every text must be approved by two editorial board members.

Who funds VoxCheck?
VoxUkraine is a non-profit non-governmental organization. Our activities are funded by charitable contributions of hundreds of people concerned with the future of Ukraine, as well as through international grants: Тhink Tank Fund, National Endowment for Democracy, PACT, International Renaissance Foundation, US Embassy, Natur Kultur, OSCE.
VoxUkraine annual reports are available here.
Since 2020, as partners of the Facebook Third-Party Fact-Checking Program, we receive funding from Facebook.
Moreover, VoxCheck Project regularly runs crowdfunding campaigns at Bigggidea crowdfunding platform. See the outcomes of our two campaigns here and here.

The process of fact-checking the politicians’ statements
  1. Analysts or VoxCheck volunteers collect politicians’ statements: we watch news releases and TV shows, monitor media and social media.
  2. The verification is based only on open data with the relevant links.
  3. Fact-checks should be concise, but comprehensive, and analyze only the actual statements within the specific context.
  4. Each fact-check is read through and edited by at least one full-time VoxCheck team member.
  5. An article can be published only if it is signed by two Editorial Board members.
VoxCheck independence
In March 2018, VoxCheck joined the International Fact-Checking Network fact-checkers’ code of principles. This means that VoxCheck has committed to the following:
A commitment to Nonpartisanship and Fairness
Signatory organizations fact-check claims using the same standard for every fact check. They do not concentrate their fact-checking on any one side. They follow the same process for every fact check and let the evidence dictate the conclusions. Signatories do not advocate or take policy positions on the issues they fact-check.
A commitment to Transparency of Methodology
Signatories explain the methodology they use to select, research, write, edit, publish and correct their fact checks. They encourage readers to send claims to fact-check and are transparent on why and how they fact-check.
A commitment to Transparency of Sources
Signatories want their readers to be able to verify findings themselves. Signatories provide all sources in enough detail that readers can replicate their work, except in cases where a source’s personal security could be compromised. In such cases, signatories provide as much detail as possible.

A commitment to Transparency of Funding & Organization
Signatory organizations are transparent about their funding sources. If they accept funding from other organizations, they ensure that funders have no influence over the conclusions the fact-checkers reach in their reports. Signatory organizations detail the professional background of all key figures in the organization and explain the organizational structure and legal status. Signatories clearly indicate a way for readers to communicate with them.
A commitment to Open & Honest Corrections Policy
Signatories publish their corrections policy and follow it scrupulously. They correct clearly and transparently in line with the corrections policy, seeking so far as possible to ensure that readers see the corrected version.

If you believe that VoxCheck violates the IFCN Code of Principles, you may

inform the IFCN by following this link.

VoxCheck as a member of VoxUkraine has its own ethical rules. VoxCheck project:
Does not belong to any political party and does not represent the interests of any politician or authority.
Checks politicians regardless of their affiliation with the government or opposition.
Is not funded by political forces.
The amount of financing from one person may not exceed 10% of the annual budget of the project.
The project staff, its volunteers and the Editorial Board may not be members of political parties.
Our authors always reveal a conflict of interest, if any.

Who makes VoxCheck
Our team includes a project leader, full-time analysts, volunteers and members of VoxUkraine Editorial Board. Analysts and volunteers collect politicians’ statements and check facts. VoxCheck Editorial Board approves the fact checks for publication.

Anyone can suggest a topic or quote for fact-check through this form. The VoxCheck team reviews each submission and verifies it, subject to available expertise and resources. Be sure to leave your contact details along with the suggested quote so that we can contact you, should we have questions.
If you want to contact us with any other question, write to [email protected]
VoxCheck assessments
The information is correct, the data are presented in the appropriate context.
The information is truthful in essence.
The information is truthful in essence, but presented in an inappropriate context or truncated.
The information is deceitful.
The information is almost truthful and the speaker’s statement is likely to be just a slip of the tongue.
No consensus about the assessment because the statement is vague or the data are lacking.
Error recognition policy
VoxCheck staff are humans, not robots, and everyone can make a mistake. Our work is organized in a way enabling us to filter out possible errors (see “How VoxCheck checks politicians”), however, sometimes they still get published. We are grateful to the attentive readers and respect the facts. If you believe that VoxCheck has checked the quote of a politician inaccurately, please email us at [email protected] Incorrect fact-checks will be reviewed again and updated on the voxukraine.org website with the corresponding mark.
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